Hair highlights: see how to lighten hair without damaging it

Everyone loves a change of look . As much as we like the color and natural texture of our hair, there are times when we want to dare in some way, either by doing a procedure to change the texture, or by changing the color, as the hair highlights. For further details, go here: soap cap

There are those who prefer to change the color as a whole,but we cannot deny that the highlights in the hair are also an excellent way to achieve a different look without daring so much. Or, depending on the way they are made, you can give a beautiful, bold yes. After all, in addition to being versatile, which means that they match all types and sizes of yarns, they can be made with many different techniques, guaranteeing different results.

Hair highlights are popular with women who want to transform and brighten the look, however, care is needed so that the discoloration doesn't weaken, break or dry the hair. For this, it is important to pay attention to how the hair should be prepared before the lights, what are the levels of bleach and the effects, how the hair should be taken care of after the procedure, among others.

Understand about bleach levels

The hair highlights are made with bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide, you know? The hydrogen peroxide is an important component in the discoloration process, since it is the one that opens the cuticle of the hair so that pigmentation happens. However, as there are different levels of hydrogen peroxide and that can be a bit confusing when choosing, it is always important to remember that the stronger the product, the more it lightens and causes damage to the hair.

10 volumes hydrogen peroxide - The function is not to lighten, but to tone or tone the hair . It is perfect for those who will use darker dyes and also to cover reflections;

20 volumes hydrogen peroxide - This hydrogen peroxide has the power to lighten up to two tones of the hair , being widely used to cover white threads or to slightly modify the tones of the reflections;

30 volumes hydrogen peroxide - Lightens up to three hair tones and, in bleaching processes, it is usually used with bleaching powder;

40 volumes hydrogen peroxide - Lightens up to five hair tones , being the most suitable for those who are going to apply platinum and super light dyes. It is necessary to be used in healthy hair, because as it is very strong, it can end up damaging the threads if they are dry, for example.

How to bleach hair without damaging it?

The discoloration process is aggressive to the hair and we know that. That is why many people look for other ways to change their look that try to escape from discoloration, but know that this is not necessary.There are ways to make hair highlights that will be less aggressive to your strands.

Before discoloration

So always keep your hair healthy. Use products indicated for your type of hair and find out which hair care routine best suits your day today and your hair type.

If you thought about making hair highlights, it is essential that you take some simple care so that the result comes out as expected.

1º - Make a diagnosis of the hair to avoid chemical cutting. If your hair is very dry and damaged, it is necessary to recover it before discoloration;

2nd - Choose the technique to be used. There are several types of lights, like ombré hair , balayage and Californian. Search first which suits you best !;

3rd - Choose the right shade for the highlights in the hair.For this, it is important to respect the lightening background of each hair ,that is, the darker, the less the hair can be lightened so that it looks natural;

4th - Make nutritious hydration. Weeks before highlighting your hair, choose nutritious moisturizers to make the strands even more resistant.